Ordering Guidelines for Research Chemicals and Controlled Substances

How to order research chemicals

To get research synthetics and controlled substances from the NIDA DSP, everything research agents will require to set up a Request Package. A Request Package ought to incorporate the accompanying things:
1.  A cover letter including:

a.Name, phone number, and e-mail address of Research Investigator (and consignee, if applicable),

  • Provide a current and complete address that would allow shipment by a suitable carrier such as Federal Express (FedEx) (i.e. street address, building name or number, room number, city, and state) – This address should coincide with the address on the DEA order form.
  • For radio-labeled drugs or chemical substances, indicate the address to which such materials will be shipped.  In case the shipping address is different from the researcher’s address, a current copy of the radioactive materials license must be submitted.

b.If applicable, NIH grant number of project and name and contact information of the project’s NIDA/NIH Program Officer.  If a non-grantee, no information on Program Officer and grant number is required.

c. Name(s) and quantity of compounds or other substances being requested,

  • The total radioactivity (preferred units of measurement, mg per vial, etc.)
  • If multiple studies/tasks are planned, combine projected needs into a single order rather than placing several separate requests in a short time interval. The request should generally be limited to four items or drugs/compounds in order to avoid delay.
  • Avoid drug abbreviations, and include specifications such as (+), (‑), (dl), base, or salt, as appropriate.  Please visit the NIDA Drug Supply Catalog (PDF, 11.6MB) (this document is not fully accessible, for help viewing this content, please contact Rik Kline(link sends email) at 301-827-5243), for drug supply information.

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